What We Do

We are an experienced team with a detailed and deep understanding of the political, media and business landscape – and a strong track record of delivering what clients want.

We work with private businesses, trade associations and charities – and our approach is simple. We sit down and discuss what you want to achieve and how we can help you to achieve it.


We arrange conversations to engage effectively with all the decision-makers and organisations who are relevant to moving forward your objectives


We will produce impactful online, broadcast and print media coverage – as well as high-quality reports and documents, backed up by social media – to support those objectives


By organising high-quality events (online and in person), we can bring together key people to engage in important discussions about your objectives – to work out how to move forward.

Public Affairs Co-Op has the experience and expertise to deliver high-level support in all these areas.

We will listen to what you want, then create a very practical and focused plan of action, very specifically tailored to achieve your objectives.

We have a really good record of delivery – as our case studies and testimonials show.

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